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Delhi-NCR is an economic powerhouse in India, generating substantial revenue and addition to the national GDP. A large part of India’s population lives in close proximity. The services industry will soon be a key driver of the economy. It will generate fiscal benefits and support directly and indirectly jobs.


Delhi-NCR lies at the heart of a vibrant technology and manufacturing corridor that runs through North India. The region is home to the information technology industry, automotive industry and many of the country’s leading academic institutions and research centres. An environment for market leaders.


Being established under the umbrella of Aadhar, National Business Centre (NBC) sprawling over 12 lakh square feet and across 14 stories, will offer promising Indian entrepreneurs a platform to further their business ideas and develop them into growing ventures.


Our vision is to become the premier platform for entrepreneurs by providing business development support and guidance, training and mentoring, access to markets and industry experts and state-of-the-art, fully equipped, office space, meeting rooms and presentation facilities.


Located at The Business Capital, Greater Noida West, Delhi-NCR, the complex is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs; NBC is in close proximity to NH 24, Noida and Greater Noida. The convenient location, with excellent communication will provide clients with easy access to the major industries as well as other planned developments.


Small offices (workspaces) of 135 sqft. for businesses by professionals, large and small, branch or sales offices, agencies and consultancies –NBC will suit the requirements of professionals. These office spaces will mean more savings, services and choices. There will be 100% delivery and utilization of carpet space.

Win-win price

Offices will be available for just Rs. 3.95 lakh, a rarity in today’s real estate scenario. Just ideal for fresh graduates, upcoming professionals, start-ups and much more.


The centre aims at providing support to entrepreneurs, who are professional graduates from India and abroad. Many successful firms may emerge from business incubators. Their stories will be interesting because they will illustrate the many faces of success.


NBC will proudly enable the growth and sustainability of small and medium enterprises and, in the process, play a key role in job creation. We will identify committed entrepreneurs and new ideas as the first step in guiding SME business to success. During the pre-incubation phase, our business advisory consultants can work with young entrepreneurs straight from college, to refine their business ideas.


NBC will also support existing entrepreneurs, provided they meet a number of requirements in this stage, main services of NBC include financial and legal advice, administrative and marketing assistance, and facilities support and growth development guidance ranging from branding exercises to in house workshops on product- specific needs. New businesses here will have the opportunity to avail our acceleration services, customized to increase their market growth and strategic development.

In addition

In addition to providing training on the basics of running a business for incubated and pre-incubated companies, NBC will also conduct regular networking events that enable participating companies to identify opportunities, as well as market their products and services to major corporate companies and private/government entities. A good business idea goes hand in hand with a comprehensive business plan. At NBC, we will help start-up SME companies define and develop their business plan.


The following services will be available to entrepreneurs selected for the pre-incubation phase:

  • One-on-one business planning support
  • Workshops & awareness programs
  • Facilities support, including access to a computer with internet.

NBC will ignite the imagination of the next generation of Indian entrepreneurs. As business incubator, our full dedication will be in investing our knowledge and resources to the benefit of new entrepreneurs.

Adding value

Adding value is paramount for any growing business. That’s why guiding existing SME businesses on how to segment their market and utilize previously unexplored opportunities will be at the heart of our incubation and acceleration programmes. We will offer the following services to entrepreneurs for the incubation/acceleration phase:

  • One-on-one business advisory
  • Workshops & mentoring programs
  • Help with customized market research & strategy development
  • Facilities, IT & administration support
  • Financial & legal advisory

At NBC, we will make sure that businesses entering our incubation acceleration programmes do so at an appropriate time in their development.


IBM will undertake automation of the entire complex to enable automation of services like door opening, food vendor from vending machines, payment for goods or products and more.


Find a complete, flexible working environment as you would want. NBC will provide all you need for an effective, efficient workplace so that you really can work your way, in peace and comfort, and be just as effective. You can manage and resource an ever more agile workforce. Parking will be multi-level and easy to access.

Infrastructural support

You will find professional admin support on-hand, Wi-Fi internet and refreshments, support services like printing, scanning and photocopying. Plus, you will discover wisely built lobby corners, meeting rooms for conducting everything from enhanced brainstorming to productive conferences to board meetings. Pitch your company’s big idea or make important decisions and move to success.


The future growth of this prestigious commercial setting will continue to offer quality office spaces to its valued investment partners. Workspaces will give a whole new meaning to ' by balancing new generation amenities for your office with plentiful opportunities to relax and refresh. Besides, these workspaces also provide comfort, technology and innovation in design while minimizing environmental pollution. With its perfect location, gracious service and environment of extraordinary comfort, it will provides the ideal destination for small offices

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Price 10,500 per sq.ft.


Price 20,00,000


Price 10,500 per sq.ft.


Price 30,00,000


Price 10,500 per sq.ft.

Coffee Shop

Price 10,500 per sq.ft.